Steamtown Idol contestant, high school student, girl next door and Scrantons newest breath of freash air is bursting into the areas local music scene and hoping to go much further. Asialena Bonitz. 15 year old sensation sings and plays guitar. Taking many different bars and venues by storm all around the area. This young artist is a must see! If you are interested in booking me or having me play a show somewhere please contact me at 570-969-2880!!!
up and coming shows in the area are:
Sept on Saturday Sept 17 @ gubbios @ 9 and Saturday Sept 24 @ Suzies in Moosic.. more venues in oct,nov and dec …
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5hour enery 500 race was held at pocono raceway in longpond Sunday and what a race it was!DNA GRAFIX had the pleasure of working with yet another great band…if their name (BIG THINGS) doesn’t say it all their sound does! the band took the stage in the fanfair about 9:00 and stopped people in their tracks…no pun inteneded. playing hits straight from the top 40 this band apealed to grandma dad and even the school age. i have yet to work with a band that covers so much ground so effortlessly. with a four hour playlist and some audience interaction the energy they diplay makes you wanna get up and dance.covering artists such as U2 TOM PETTY JONNY CASH and BILLY IDOL i do believe these for guys are capable of “BIG THINGS”. BIG THINGS consists of MIKE TRAPP on guitar( who is all over the stage, bringing each song the energy to captivate you) mIKE WEBER on drums..DARRIN BENTLY bangin out some base lines you wanna jam too and JOHN A. JONES belting out flawless lyrics with kick ass stage precence. on and off the stage he brought the audience into the show. when asked to duscribe the band nad its visionthis is what they had to say:_________
Big Things is a rocking band!! Playing in SOOOO many bands over the years, we thought it was time for something a little different. How many times have you gone to see a band and heard the same ol songs over and over again? With that in mind, Big Things was born. We wanted to play some great songs, but not the same songs you hear every other band doing! We love the standards as much as the next guy but there are so many GREAT songs that have almost been forgotten about…..until now! Our goal is to play some kick ass rock music that will get you to your feet and keep you there!

Our influences over the years have included U2, Bon Jovi, The Cult, The Ramones, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Led Zep, Loverboy, Billy Idol, Alice in Chains, Kid Rock, Van Halen, Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, The Romantics, Greg Khin, Puddle of Mudd, Aldo Nova, STP, Tom Petty, The Stones, Red Hot Chilipeppers, etc, etc, etc.
now that i have you interested you can see them for yourself at the 3rd annual sound for scoliosis taking place at heils place on july 30th at 7pm! Heil’s Place
1002 wheeler avenue
Dunmore, PA
for more information about sound for scoliosis visit

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spring is here and summer is coming fast! lots of local talent bursting at the seams! coming up we have a series of Rock the Lumbar shows as well as the BIG event in JULY!
given all the fun DNA has been busy making flyers and snapping pix! remember to fallow us on facebook for all your up to date local fun!

this week DNA GRAFIX and sound for scoliosis are running a contest to determine which of our many bands will get the 6 promo shoots for the event!
if you are a band playing this benifit please share trhis link with your friends! if you are a FAN of a band playing… VOTE! its a tight race ans these will be the ONLY promo shots for the entire event! live photos will be taken during the 3 day festivel but its hit or miss with photos so BE SEEN and BE HEARD!
the top 6 so far:
5 ton jack

there are many more bands on the playbill sooo VOTE!
voting ends 6pm FRIDAY>>>DO NOT dissapiont YOUR LOCAL BANDS

original local talent!

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The Albright Memorial Library (aka the Scranton Public Library) is looking to include more original local music in its reputable music collection of over 10,000 CDs. We would love to add you and/or your band to the collection. If you have a professional style CD for sale or distribution and are interested in being a part of the library’s local music collection, please contact Anna Kilcullen at

348-3000, ext. 3016 or

The library will pay for 2 of each of your CDs—one for the Albright Memorial Library and another for the Nancy Kay Holmes branch. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions or comments.
Thank you for your participation!


richie of far in between @ w/s yankees

well the event was a success! we raise alittle over $500 for SFS! way to go!!!! thanks to all who came out to hear far in between and stayed for the game and fireworks! dna grafix was busy taking event photos!….lets share a few! Proceeds go toward the Sound for Scoliosis and the National Scoliosis Foundation. Far In Between will be performing on the Bud light Deck from 5.30pm to 6:25 pm Contact Jake Winowich at 570-558-4639 to reserve your seats today. Tickets include a great seat, hat, playball game program, meal voucher to Wendy’s , and a chance to see great music and fireworks. Must have your order in 14 days prior to game date and are based on availability. TIckets not mailed will be available for pickup at the box office will call window 60 minutes prior to game start. Tickets are not refundable after purchase. For more information contact Jake Winowich 558-4639 or email

Price of the tickets are $12.50, if you need the tickets mailed its $5.00 more so if you think that we did well with the penguins? we can do better! Let’s Play Ball!!!!!!

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This past weekend i had the pleasure of attending a show a little higher in profile than i normaly get to take photos of. along with snapping some great pictures of local band skin-n-bones, i also got take grab some pics of Lemongelli and Billie base from L.A…..BUT Thats not the icing on the cake! i got to be front row(security side) to shoot Steve Adler of Adlers Appetite (formally of GUNS N ROSES)
i have to admit..i wasnt sure what o expect from the ex-addict and his fresh new band but i was impressed. What seemed like a cover band at first quickly changed my mind, with fresh new singles i think the may be on to something. While front man Patrick does a great impression of legendary Axl Rose you definitly get caught up in the energy of the show. although i’m sure the kiss onthe hand i recieved during th efirst song was just to ensure i took alot of great photo….I loved it! i want to thank Skin-n-Bones for inviting me to do photos of this show.

welcome to dna grafix

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